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Online AutoCAD Classes at ProTrainCAD

  • AutoCAD Course 2 – Advanced 2D Drawing Sample

  • AutoCAD Course 4 – Rendering Sample

  • AutoCAD Course 1 – Basic 2D Drawing Sample

  • AutoCAD Course 3 – 3D Modeling Sample

Online AutoCAD Classes and Revit Courses and Certificate Training at ProTrainCAD

You can learn AutoCAD and Revit Architecture quickly and easily with high quality online training classes.

FREE AutoCAD 2017 and Revit 2017 Student Software for all of our online students. Start today!

Online AutoCAD Classes and Revit Architecture courses allow you to start your training at any time and schedule your classes at your own pace.

AutoCAD is the top CAD program in the world and is renowned for its power and versatility. Our detailed courses cover all aspects of the software and will teach you everything you need to know to succeed with this popular, and highly sought after skill. Learn 2D drafting, 3D modeling and even the secrets to creating photorealistic rendered images with the latest versions of AutoCAD.

Revit Architecture is a powerful building modeling program which will allow you to quickly and easily turn your 2D designs into integrated, 3D building models. Leverage the power of BIM – Building Information Modeling and learn how to use these advanced tools to create intelligent building models and generate automatic construction documents including drawings, schedules, estimates, and more.

The AutoCAD and Revit training courses available at ProTrainCAD are self-paced and are offered in a continuous intake format so you never have to worry about being constrained to semester start and end dates. We allow up to 3 months to complete the 12 lessons in each course but the classes are entirely self-paced. The typical completion time is about four to six weeks but it is possible to fast-track through your training and finish a course in less than two weeks!

Each course contains 12 lessons with 20-30 hours of video demonstration as well as 200-300 pages of notes and detailed instructions contained in a PDF handbook.

ProTrainCAD courses are offered in over 120 Colleges and Universities across North America.
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